DCI - Dumas Church Interiors

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Baptistry Options


  • Protective coating (if water will remain in baptistry)
  • Removable Steps (for Portable Baptistry #9533)
  • Cover for Portable Baptistry (#9533)
  • Plexiglass Window (available on all units except #947,#9533)
  • Combonation seat/child's step (available in blue or white)
  • 5.5 kw Heater
  • 11kw Heater
  • Auto Fill System (works with 5.5 & 11kw Heaters only)
  • Auto Drain System (works with Auto Fill System only)
  • Single Fill Faucet
  • Toe Touch Drain/overflow unit
  • Immersion Heater (120v 0r 240v)