DCI - Dumas Church Interiors

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STEP #1 -   When we arrive at your facility to remove the pews, we will first number each and every piece prior to removal to ensure that all furniture is placed exactly in same location.  We will then do a layout and transport the furniture to the factory.


STEP #2  -   When the furniture arrives at the factory, all old finish will be stripped, and any repair work will be done, repairing any cracks, splits, ect.  All furniture will be sanded and the new finish will then be applied.  We can reupholster or upholster any pews to be refinished at no charge.  If any furniture has to be stored it will be done in our climate controlled facility.         


STEP #3  -   Reinstallation of the pews will be done using all new hardware.  Removal and reinstallation will be scheduled so as not to interfere with services.