DCI - Dumas Church Interiors

About Us

The Dumas family has been providing beautiful quality church furniture for over 80 years that started with Ivy Clay Dumas back in 1928.  The tradition continues today with Dumas Church Interiors (DCI) and the Dumas Family by providing their customers an opportunity to purchase everything from pews and chairs to carpet and flooring, baptisteries, steeples, reupholstering service and many other products and services.

By providing everything from one source, DCI eliminates the headache of coordinating the completion of your project through many different suppliers.

The Computer Aided Design (CAD) service offered to the customers of DCI can supply seating plans that will aid in maximizing seating capacity and placement of furniture.  DCI will also advise you on the best methods for design and provide a final drawing for approval prior to manufacturing and installation of your new furniture.